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Video Consultations Huge Success!

So from this last week I have been providing video consultations in place of the usual face to face readings.

At first I was very nervous in case the video didn't work correctly or I just messed up - Im not the best technophobe around..... However what a huge success they have turned out to be!

Customers are more relaxed then usual, possibly because they feel more in control and are having the readings in familiar surroundings from the comfort of their own home.

The readings allow the customer to view the cards as they are being placed and to feel the connection that a face to face provides.

And... its so simple!

After booking your appointment your personal meeting code is sent to you via email in readiness for the consultation - its so slick and easy

They are absolutely great and so I will continue to provide this service even after the corvid 19 emergency has passed.

So Stay Safe, Stay at Home and Stay Connected!


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