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Do you dream your future?

I always dream in full colour, rich with detail and the story lines could often put blockbuster movies to shame.

I enjoy my dreams and look forward to the adventure ahead when I go to sleep at night.

Sometimes a dream really sticks in my head the next few days and leaves me feeling confused and at odds with myself. when this happens I find I have to sit down and really analyse the dream details.

This means looking past the obvious and focusing in on the strange little things that interrupt the normal flow.

I've have the most wonderful, strange and sometimes frightening dreams but once interpreted I've felt clear minded, confident and at peace with myself.

Wonderful things have happened n my life and without fail these have all been predicted in my dreams prior to the events.

Im sure that this is the way my guides communicate with my about my personal lifestyle and I wonder if anyone else has had predications that have proven to be true given to them through dreams?

Sweet Dreams - But do they holda key to your future?

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