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Why I work with the Tarot.

You will often hear people talk about their spirit guides without any real concept of who or what they are.

I truly believe the first step to being a great spiritual communicator is to be aware of and work with your spirit guide. They are your teachers and just like when you go to school they change as you progress.


My first spirit guide was called 'Rosa' she was a traditional Romany and I would know when she was working with me as I felt her put her wonderfully coloured shawl around my shoulders.

She taught me about colour interpretation which helped with understanding peoples aura, how to work with ribbons and understand the symbolism of the tarot.

The Tarot had always fascinated me and when young I would love to have my cards read just out of curiosity. I loved the mysticism they evoked, so I felt ecstatic when I realised that my guide wanted me to specialise in reading them.

Obviously the traditional meanings can be read in the numerous books that have been printed through the centuries but my training was a little different.

Every night when I slept Rosa would take me inside a card - make me feel it, empathise with the feelings it evoked... she made me live it.

The process was long and sometimes emotionally gruelling but now I feel I know the cards personally - I do not interpret them as one would by making reference to other peoples analysis of their meaning, but as one if discussing a situation with a trusted advisor.

The information given to me from the cards it often so spookily accurate that working with them still gives me a thrill even after 35 years as a professional reader.

Obviously I have had many guides since Rosa who have trained me in other areas of mediumship and the psychic arts, but Rosa still is one of my most influential guides and working with the Tarot is now like sitting having coffee with a good trusted friend, putting the world to rights and bringing light into the dark shadowy places that lurk in peoples fears ...

I absolutely love it ......and that's why I work with the Tarot.

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