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A week full of spirit

I've just had the most amazing week full of spiritual proof that has astounded not only my clients but myself.

This wonderful privilege of being able to help people through some of the worse times in their lives, by giving them the knowledge of a future still to be lived and the reassurance that they are not alone, never ceases to amaze me.

I guess you would think that I have all the answers when it comes to life decisions but like everyone else I often struggle to see the best way forward for myself so when I have so much proof presented to me for others it gives me the confidence i need to keep going.

This week I have more readings to look forward to and tonight I am attending a Psychic demonstration being given by some lovely medium friends at the Ivanhoe Hotel in Scarborough see

I hope your week ahead will be full of upliftment and joyful blessings.

Jeannette DuPont - International Clairvoyant

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